• GPS Tracking

    GPS Tracker for Ferrari Maserati Alfa Romeo

    GPS Tracking system installation for Ferrari Maserati Alfa Romeo.

    NOTE: We are a Trade only service

GPS Tracker

GPS Car Tracker for Ferrari Maserati
GPS Car Tracker Alfa Romeo
GPS Car Tracker Ferrari
GPS Car Tracker Maserati

GPS (G329P) Car Tracking system

Having your vehicle stolen is something no one wants to have happen even when its insured but for most Ferrari and Maerati owners it can be worse because these vehicles can be hard to source and replace. In a situation like this a GPS Tracker will make a great upgrade to your exsisting security system and provides you with features that you and your insurance company can really benefit from that your exsisting security system wont give you. While GPS Tracking systems have been around for years they are generally an aftermarket add on and are not installed from the factory so most vehicles dont have one. We can install these GPS Tracking systems on all Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo models.

GPS Tracker Features

1. Backup Battery (90+ days of operation)
2. Geo Fence (If vehicle is moved from where its parked you are notified)
3. Ignition On Detection
4. 24/7 Vehicle monitoring (No Subscriptions).
5. Track using Phone app (Android or iphone)
6. Track using any Laptop or PC.
7. View location on map or by Google Street view.
8. Displays Street address (where car is located)
9. Operates on 4G Network only.
10. SIM card required (supplied)
more features are included in the app...

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