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    ECU reset (virgin) service for all Ferrari 360 models (F1 and Manual). This service resets your Ferrari 360 Engine ECU back to a new factory state allowing the ECU to then be reprogrammed to your car.

    NOTE: We are a Trade only service

Ferrari ECU Reset

Ferrari F360 ECU
Ferrari 360 Engine ECU 0261204841
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The Ferrari 360 ECU

The Ferrari 360 uses two Bosch 0261204841 ECU's, one ECU controlling each bank. The LH ECU and RH ECU are a matched pair and the RH ECU is also programmed to match the factory Immobiliser system. The Ferrari 360 ECU's cannot be reprogrammed as they are 'OTP' (one time programmable) which means to fix most ECU faults you would need to buy a brand new pair of Engine ECU's which costs thousands. This service resets the ECU back to a virgin state just as if you had bought a brand new ECU from the Ferrari dealer, it can now be reprogrammed to the car. We can reset both the RH and LH Engine ECU's for any Ferrari 360 allowing the original ECU's to be reprogrammed or secondhand compatible ECU's to be used.

When to reset the Ferrari 360 ECU?

1. When your Ferrari 360 Engine ECU has died and you want to replace it with a secondhand Engine ECU rather then buying a pair of expensive new ECU's.
2. When your Ferrari 360 factory Immobiliser system has failed and you want to replace it with a secondhand Immobiliser system from another Ferrari 360.
3. When the battery in your Ferrari 360 has gone flat and now your Ferrari wont start, your scan tool may be displaying a P1571 error code.

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