Alfa Romeo 159 ESL TEG service New Zealand

    Alfa Romeo ESL TEG Repair service for Alfa Romeo 159 Brera Spider models

    NOTE: We are a Trade only service

Alfa Romeo ESL TEG

Alfa Romeo 159 Brera Spider TEG
Alfa Romeo 159 Brera ESL Steering Lock
Alfa Romeo 159 Brera TEG Reader

The Alfa Romeo 159 Brera Immbiliser System

The Alfa Romeo 159, Brera and Spider had a different Immobiliser system factory installed compared to the other Alfa Romeo models. This system used a TEG Reader (Ignition switch) which was programmed to match a ESL (Electronic Steering Lock) and Body Module. This system is common for failing and when it does you will receive symptoms such as erratic starting or no start at all, the ignition sometimes turns on or never turns on, the steering still unlocks or its locked permanently and you will receive the error message on the Information screen VEHICLE PROTECTION SYSTEM NOT AVAILABLE. Sometimes the car is still drivable unless of course when it doesnt start at all, however if the car is still driveable and your getting the error message displayed its not recomended to use it as it could fail at anytime.

Our Alfa Romeo TEG ESL Repair Service

There are several probelms that cause these systems to fail and our repair service fixes them all. Secondhand modules can be used but must be coded to the car or they will not work. Ignition key failure is also common for the 159 and Brera and repairing these keys is another service we can provide.

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