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    Alfa Romeo ECU DPF Removal (bypass) service for Alfa Romeo Diesel models

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Alfa Romeo DPF

Alfa Romeo 159 ECU
Alfa Romeo DPF ECU
Remove Alfa Romeo 159 DPF
Alfa Romeo DPF Diesel Particle Filter

The Alfa Romeo DPF problem

The Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) is installed on Alfa Romeo diesel models for emission purposes. However after years of use the DPF starts to deteriorate inside causing problems when driving the car such as the car will be down on power, economy, more smokey and the engine check light will come on. Replacing the DPF with a secondhand unit is the first option most workshops would think of doing but they turn away from this option when they realise the high costs and for the older cars this is simply not an economical option. So the best and only other option for this is to remove the DPF system altogether.

Our Alfa Romeo DPF Removal Service

With our Alfa Romeo ECU DPF removal service we remove the engine ecu from the car and reprogam the ecu with a new updated file which tells the ECU to basically ignore the DPF from now on. The Diesel Particle Filter on the car still must be removed and bypassed with a straight pipe. We DONOT offer this part of the job as we are not mechanics so this will need to be done by your workshop or anywhere of your choice. Another option to slightly improve performance is to bypass the EGR which is another service we provide.

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